• ActiveRecord vs Sequel Performance

    I ran some benchmarking tests to evaluate the performance difference, if any, between ActiveRecord and Sequel ORM’s - two common ORM’s in the Ruby world. There were two sets of benchmarks measured, one was speed, and the other was memory consumed. In addition, each set was measured against two different databases, SQLite3 and PostgreSQL, to see what impact the database might have on the scores. I summarized the setup, results, and conclusion below.

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  • Cleaning Xcode files

    This is a summary from the following articles on recovering disk space from Xcode:

    1. Xcode users can free up space on your Mac by Ajith Nayak
    2. How To Recover Disk Space From Xcode by Sascha Holesch

    1. Derived Data

    Location: ~/Library/Developer/Xcode/DerivedData/
    Purpose: Contains data about the projects which includes index, build output, debug/release built targets, and logs. Data can be recreated.

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  • Hello Universe!

      puts "Hello Universe!"

    Stay tuned… 😃